Own Art Scheme

by james woodward

We now partner with the Arts Council to offer the Own Art scheme.

The Own Art scheme allows permanent UK residents aged 18+ to spend anything from £100 to £2,000 and spread the cost over ten equal monthly installments, completely interest free.

Designed to encourage people to take an interest in and start collecting contemporary art, Own Art removes the pain of paying in full at the beginning. Whatever your budget, Own Art puts more work within your reach and has been hugely popular since we’ve been part of the scheme. It’s also blindingly simple and well thought out.

Here's some points you should know about Own Art...

interest free

The Own Art scheme is completely interest free.

ten equal monthly installments

Own Art is nice and simple... whatever the size of your loan, the amount is always repaid in ten equal monthly installments. Purchase something for £100 and you’ll repay £10 per month for ten months, purchase something for £2,000 and you’ll repay £200 per month.

free shipping on all own art purchases

We provide free delivery within the UK on all purchases. Anything purchased through us with Own Art is therefore shipped for free.

don't pay anything for a month

With the Own Art scheme, you get to have the work at home for a month before your first payment. 14 days after the agreement has been signed we’re allowed to ship the work or let you collect. It’s then a month after you've received the work that your first payment is debited from your account.

use own art as part payment

You’re not restricted to work priced under the maximum Own Art loan amount of £2,000 – Own Art can also be used as part payment towards something more than £2,000.

Sickboy’s Forget is an example... priced at £2,795... you would be able to put up to £2,000 on an Own Art loan. This would be repaid over ten months at £200 per month - the remaining £795 could be paid by card, cash or bank transfer.

purchase multiple items

If there’s more than one item you’d like to purchase, you’re allowed to combine multiple items within one Own Art loan. If there are several items priced under the £100 minimum, you can combine them into one purchase to take the loan amount over the Own Art minimum.

include framing costs

To encourage you to enjoy work purchased under the Own Art scheme to it’s fullest, you're able to include framing costs in your Own Art loan.

have multiple loans running concurrently

You don’t have to wait for one Own Art loan to be repaid before you can take out another. We have customers who’ve purchased something with Own Art, then returned a couple of weeks later and bought something else with another Own Art loan.

I'm a huge supporter of the Own Art scheme and am always happy to discuss - please contact me in the gallery if you’d like more information. You can also browse Own Art eligible items in the shop area of the site.