What's Happening With No Walls?

20 May 2016

Everyone I see at the moment asks me what's happening with the gallery, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to explain.

Changing Times

After five years of being full-time and having a permanent space in Brighton, times are changing and the gallery is no longer permanently in residence at 114 Church Street.

No Walls will remain online, but the focus has already shifted from regular monthly shows to becoming more relaxed and flexible, without the pressures of filling the calendar year-round, staffing the gallery or the stresses that come with arranging, setting up and taking down a show every month.

Pop Up Space

As a result, 114 Church Street is now a business in it's own right and permanently available as a pop up space for anyone to hire for anything from one week to twelve weeks.

If you’re an artist, designer, maker, retailer, brand, collective or anyone with an idea who would like to hold an exhibition, run a pop up shop or host an event, you can now use the space. It's truly democratic and there’s no selection process. If you have an idea, you can use the space.

This has pretty much been the case for six months or so, and the space has been fully booked with pop ups since mid-November, but I'm now making it available year round and taking bookings into 2017.

The first pop up of this new era opened last week, with local neon signmaker and artist, Andy Doig taking over the space for a fortnight with his incredible Sick Interiors pop up. Saturday 21st is their last day before the space is handed over to the next one. If you haven't been in yet, you need to check it out before they're gone.

You can find more details about hiring the space on the 114 Church Street site, or contact me to discuss in more detail. 

Sale Continues

Because of this, our sale continues.... now that we're no longer permanently at 114 Church Street, we'll be running a more streamlined operation and our stockroom clear out sale continues. You can view all reduced items here.

Posted by James