Opens a Week Today

26 September 2014

I first heard about Lucy's Cornershop project earlier in the year when I saw her Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to get the London Cornershop off the ground. At the time, I remember thinking it was one of the greatest things I'd ever seen. I pledged £100 and messaged Lucy to tell her how incredible I thought it was and pretty soon afterwards, we met and agreed to bring the Cornershop to Brighton in October.

Since opening the new space, I've been fortunate enough to have some incredible shows and work with some of my favourite artists, but this is one of the shows I'm looking forward to the most, not least because the amount of work Lucy has put into the project is so mind boggling. I remember when we first met Lucy showing me the list of what she planned to make and it went on, and on, an on.....

literally everything you could think of and more was on the list and, at the time, I didn't know if she'd manage it. But after seven months of sewing around the clock, she pulled it off and the Cornershop was a resounding success with Lucy selling the entire shop.... all 4,000 items..... and garnering media coverage across the globe.

Cornershop-by-the-Sea, Brighton's very own incarnation of the project, opens this time next week.... 6pm on Friday the 3rd of October. You can RSVP either by email to the gallery or by joining the Facebook event. On the night, we're going to let people in one in / one out, so get to the gallery early if you can. This should allow everyone to see the show properly without it getting too crowded. We'll also stay open late to make sure everyone who comes on the night can see it.

Although it will all be on display in the gallery, the entire contents of the London Cornershop have sold, lock stock and barrel and won't ever be available to buy again, but we will have a bunch of new work available.... sign up to our mailing list and we'll send an email out next week with details of what is available to buy.

If you can't make it on the opening night, the show runs until the 25th. For the duration of the show, we'll be open 12-7 Tuesday to Saturday and 12-5 on Sunday's.

Lucy has said that this will be the very last Cornershop, so it really is your last chance to see it and buy some Cornershop goodies.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Posted by James