Kylie Minogue / Sexercize / Hattie Stewart Version

Hattie Stewart's been busy..... on top of getting an amazing body of work together for Hello Cheeky and a list of projects as long as your arm, a few days ago, Kylie Minogue's launched featuring a number of different visual interpretations of her new track, Sexercize.

Hattie was one of an incredible list of collaborators that also included Davidson, Roman Coppola x Maserati, Mat Maitland x Jean Paul Gaultier , Starsky+Cox, VFiles, Gregoire Alexandre x LeSpecs and Reilly x Dolce & Gabbana.

Check out Hattie's version above, made in collaboration with Andy Baker and Chandelier Creative. It's beyond good. Also great to see Hattie's work animated.

You can browse available Hattie Stewart originals and Hattie Stewart prints in our online shop. Read more about her current solo show Hello Cheeky here.