Here & There

a solo show by Supermundane

29 August 2014 to 20 September 2014

Our next show is Here & There, a solo show by Supermundane, aka Rob Lowe.

Supermundane, is a renowned artist, graphic designer, typographer, illustrator and writer. His signature mesmeric drawings have been published and exhibited worldwide. In 2012 he debuted a new direction of pure line and colour, exploring depth, movement and optical effects.

Here & There sees Supermundane, also know as Rob Lowe, look at the world he has created with microscopic detail and universal distance.

His mesmeric line drawings serve as the middle ground with ink and paint, swirling together giving a different sense of depth. Multicoloured lines – echoing those found on the trunks of trees – represent the interior of the organic drawings. These differences of scale are set directly next to each other allowing a contrast between here and there.

Elsewhere, 80 wooden 'innocences' blankly stare, grouped together but very much alone; totemic faces sit on tombstone like wooden panels; shapes from the drawings are reduced to symbolic paintings and prints.

Here & There is an eclectic grouping of work in various mediums serving as a further insight into Lowe's Supermundane world.

The opening night of Here & There is Friday 29th of August from 6pm.

You can view Supermundane prints and Supermundane originals in our online shop.