If It Doesn't Make Sense, That's Fine

a solo show by jim mcelvaney

1 February 2013 to 3 March 2013

‘if it doesn’t make sense, that’s fine’ is jim mcelvaney's third solo show.

jim creates expressive often unplanned, spontaneous work, suggesting influences of expressionism, illustration and abstraction.

capturing intimate, candid and raw expressions, the subjects in jim mcelvaney's work range from the surreal and haunting to the witty and charismatic. these are chosen not on a basis of recognition but on personal visual appeal with a strong focus on human emotion.

"for this exhibition at no walls i’ve continued to look at the themes that have always inspired me, but with a stronger focus on the painting side of things. i’d describe this work as more traditional in the use of materials but I’ve not strayed far from my roots."

combining a number of methods and materials to produce engaging and provocative depictions of human expression, for jim, the emotion depicted in each work is represented as much by the image itself as it is the process of achieving it. the expressive gestures in his painting and constructive lines in his drawing often present more emotional insight than the subject itself.

‘if it doesn’t make sense, that’s fine’ is jim’s third solo show, following ‘plans create problems’, his 2011 debut show at outsiders and ‘stop looking at the walls, look out the window’, his first show with us. this is jim’s first show back in the UK after exhibiting extensively in south korea throughout 2012.

the opening night is friday the 1st of february from 6pm, with the show running until sunday 3rd march.

you can view available jim mcelvaney originals and jim mcelvaney prints in the shop area of the site. work from the new show will be made available to existing customers and mailing list subscribers in advance of the show - you can sign up to our mailing list at the foot of this page. All of Jim's work is eligible to buy with the Own Art scheme.

if you haven't already seen it, take two minutes to watch this short film, featuring jim as he prepared for the show, produced by itdrewitself.