Scratching Beneath The Surface

a solo show by holly thoburn

scratching beneath the surface is holly thoburn's first major solo show, bringing together a collection of works drawing on over 10 years of inspiration.

born and raised in and around london, holly traditionally draws her inspiration from inner city life. having relocated to ireland away from the urban landscape that provided her inspiration, scratching beneath the surface sees holly reference the collection of photographs accumulated during her travels.

for this exhibition, photographs of decaying walls, doorways and surfaces from places as diverse as london, new york, athens and darwin are recreated into densely layered and detailed canvases, each having been on a journey and story of it's own.

the opening night of scratching beneath the surface is saturday 3rd november from 6 to 9pm, with the exhibition running until sunday 2nd december.

you can browse available holly thoburn originals in the shop area of the site. all of holly's work is eligible to buy with own art.

if you haven't already seen it, take two minutes to check out the short film, produced by itdrewitself. there's also a holly thoburn interview in the magazine area of the site.