Mark Vessey - Vogue September

Mark Vessey

artist profile

Mark Vessey blurs the lines between photographer and contemporary artist. Heavily influenced by American culture, with Warhol and Haring particular influences, Mark Vessey uses his lens much as a painter uses his brushes, using light, colour and focus to produce his stunning and incredibly popular images.

Mark Vessey's photographs of iconic pop culture heritage are now becoming icons themselves, having been exhibited in such respected institutions as the Royal Academy. His work has been discussed in publications as diverse as Attitude magazine to The Times and he has produced cover images for several books.

Many of the editions available on the site were created for Collections, Mark's recent Brighton Photo Fringe solo show with us. You can browse Mark Vessey prints in the shop area of the site. To be notified about new work when it arrives sign up to our mailing list, and add Mark Vessey to your favourite artists.