James Rawson - Undead Eor

James Rawson

artist profile

James Rawson is a postmodern pop artist, born in 1989, in Norfolk England. Predominantly working in the medium of collage and painting, James found little inspiration in the Norfolk landscape, instead realising the landscape most relevant to him was the one fed to him through the media.

James completed a BA Honors in Fine Art at Loughborough University in 2011. After moving to London he returned to his hometown in Norfolk where he now lives and works, continuing to explore the relationship between collage and painting.

James’ work aims to reflect the multilayered visual experience we all live in. Taking the very imagery that has become implicit in our society, James uses collage techniques to disturb our sense of reality and confuse our pre-conceived perception of popular culture. His work starts as preparatory paper collages, which are then used as reference for his paintings.

James continues his theme of juxtaposition and appropriation in a series of watercolours. James unleashes a plague of starving zombies into the beloved world of Winnie the Pooh. Pooh and friends have the stuffing ripped out of them by the ever relentless attacks of the undead, as they explore the now virus infected Hundred Acre Wood.

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