I-LIB - Symbol / Type Study 1


artist profile

I-LIB (I LURK IN BUSHES) translates Edwardian fairy tale imagery and a fascination with occult symbolism into poetic visions with surreal and dreamlike atmospheres of anthropomorphic subjects and mysticism as they intertwine Love, Hate, Life, Death, Balance, and challenge these beliefs.

I-LIB's wondrous folkloric and anthropomorphic animals re-emerge from our childhood memories, illustrating fairy tales that are morally crude and disenchanted but who’s mutations grow and twist up out of a time and place long forgotten by this world.

From the fine and delicate lines in the drawings and hidden messages and meanings within the complex symbolism to the mechanical and interactive sculptures and installations made of dead lifeless objects all lead us into an extraordinarily life-full poetic world that is surely the soul reason Alice went chasing down the rabbit hole.

You can browse available I-LIB originals and I-LIB prints in the shop area of the site. There's also a short film featuring I-LIB as he prepared for Lick Your Own Wounds, his 2012 solo show with us.