Eelus - After The Rain


artist profile

Eelus lives in a very different world to most people...

Eelus lives in a world that is crawling with hidden magic and strange creatures. There are dinosaurs and strange beasts within the centre of the Earth, Bigfoot is alive and well within the forests of many lands and the skies are full of beings from other worlds. There are gnomes in the mountains, secret bunkers in the desert, and always, ALWAYS monsters under the bed.

From within this world, Eelus loves to paint, draw, photograph, write, film, watch, read, listen.... anything to stop him thinking about those gnomes..... and most importantly, learn. Eelus’ dream is to continue making a living from doing all these things he loves and being creative in any way he can.

Eelus' most recent work has seen him move into the labour intensive world of paper cuts.

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