Chris Bourke - Set Sail For Somewhere (Colour)

Chris Bourke

artist profile

Chris Bourke is an artist, skateboarder and one time skate shop owner based in Worcester, UK. He owned and operated the fiercely independent skate shop Spine for eleven years.

More recently Chris has worked almost solely in the labour intensive medium of lino prints, cutting and printing each design by hand himself. Chris Bourke’s influences span tattoo art (having trained as a tattooist), religion/religious art, music, nature and politics and he has produced work for Document Skateboard Magazine, skateboard and t-shirt graphics for A Third Foot, Death Skateboards and Consolidated Skateboards in the US.

Chris Bourke’s work has been featured in several books and magazines including Modart, +1, Sidewalk and Inked, Concrete to Canvas: Skateboarders’ Art. and the 2009 book ‘Art by Tattooists: Beyond Flash’. We’re delighted to be working with him.

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